Saturday, October 13, 2012

Meet the Candidates

In the article Step Aside, Karl Rove! These Kids Are Tech Savvy, I was introduced to an online community. The purpose of this particular online community was to introduce a class room of fifth graders to the election process, and allow them to role-play this process and document their adventures online. “meet the Candidates” was formed with a librarian, a computer teacher, two fifth grade teachers and over 50 educators from across the country. The purpose was to understand why people should vote. The corner stone of the project was web 2.0 tools that created a dynamic learning community. Kids volunteered to run the mock campaigns of the candidates and the results were outlined on project wiki. Students used all mediums including text, visual, digital and other technologies in their projects. The results were posted to a google map. By the end of the project all the students had become extremely immersed in the political arenas of the time. Discussions were heard at home and at recess on the playground. “meet the candidates” allowed children to access technology that they may have not been familiar with. This technology allowed them to connect and converse with other students and educators across the country and form a network to showcase their work. Ultimately the project allowed these people to understand why we vote, and they will most likely vote in the future as a result. Kliegman, k. (2010). Step Aside, Karl Rove! These kids are tech savvy. Learning & leading with technology. 37(7). 34-35. Retrieved from

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