Saturday, October 13, 2012

Using excel in elementary school

In the article “use Excel to teach Patterns” by Brice Seifert, a method for reinforcing concrete and pictorial patterning was desired. Excel was the medium for this and functions of excel were used to allow worksheets to be made randomly that would allow children to follow logic sequences to arrive at the desired patterns. The main reasoning behind the excel model seemed to be laying the principles for algebraic identification. Since algebra is so important, I can understand the exposure. The students seemed to really love this assessment tool. The purpose was to develop patterns and allow the patterns to randomly generated. Honestly, while I certainly appreciate technology in the classroom, this seemed to be a little bit much for the educational level it was aimed at. The end result was just a random pattern. It could have been work sheets. It could have been a white board. I did not feel that the end result was adequate other than to show case someone’s excel skills. Perhaps I missed the point of the article. Seifert, Brice. (2010). Use Excel to teach patterns. Learning & leading with technology. 37(7). 36-37. Retrieved from

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  1. I agree with you on the idea that the end results don't really make enough of an impact for all the work that is done. I think that excel could be used to reach a different results in upper grades because of the many possibilities that are available through the program. I think that a concept, such as algebra, can be taught using different methods of technology in the younger school years.

    I think that with so much new technology that many people think that we should always be using some type of program to teach a concept when in reality we don't need to be relying it that often. What's wrong with using a pencil and paper or a worksheet every once in a while?

    Great post I really enjoyed reading up on this topic.

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